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Here are some general rules to follow when submitting and responding to an ad:

1 / You are responsible for ensuring all applicable laws relating to products or services that you publish on
2 / Ads that are on our banned list below are not allowed.
3 / Advertisements or responses that contain inappropriate or discriminatory language, and / or texts aimed at individuals or groups that threaten or could disturb, harm or offend our users, are not permitted.
4 / It is forbidden to publish a duplicate or similar advertisement for the same product or service.
5 / Intentionally misleading ads are not permitted.
6 / We only accept advertisements in English on the English website and Swedish on the Swedish website. However, it is allowed to have the same ad in different language sites.
7 / It is forbidden to publish more than one advertisement for the same object.
8 / It is forbidden to use multiple accounts to publish advertisements.
9 / It is forbidden to publish pornography or other material that is obscene or of a pornographic nature.
10 / It is forbidden to post advertisements relating to pornographic events or services.
11 / It is forbidden to publish the rights of third parties, such as copyright and trademarks.
12 / It is forbidden to publish advertisements that serve no other purpose than to drive traffic to another website.
13 / It is forbidden to put keywords in the ad to increase its visibility in the search results.
14 / Use of content on to send unsolicited e-mail, or make unwanted contact of any kind with users is strictly prohibited.
15 / We reserve the right to re-categorize / reject all ads published on
16 / These rules can be changed at regular intervals to provide the safest and best possible user experience. By posting an ad on, you have understood our Privacy Policy.

This version 2020/11/25

Prohibited objects:

The list below shows an overview of what is not allowed to publish on reserves the right to remove an ad at its sole discretion, and to change this list at any time:
Ads that are pornographic in nature, such as pornographic toys, magazines, services, escort services, pornographic job advertisements.
Coupons or gift cards that you do not have permission to sell
Goods under embargo
Expired food / products (expiration date must be clearly stated, if the product is not homemade)
Fireworks and explosives
Hazardous substances such as radioactive, toxic and explosive substances
Identity documents, personal account information and personal information
Illegal drugs, licensed substances, substances and articles used to manufacture licensed substances and drugs
Illegal services
Inappropriate material marketed with an intolerant interest in religion, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity
Materials that encourage illegal activity
Material, artwork and / or photographs that are obscene, pornography, pornographic nature
Material that infringes copyright such as software or other digital goods that you are not authorized to sell
Plants and insects that are restricted or regulated
Prescription drugs
Stolen property
Weapons and similar articles, ammunition (requiring license)